Florida Yacht Club - Jacksonville, Florida

Pool Dress Code

All bathing suits must provide full-bottom coverage and the following bathing suits are not permitted:

LADIES OF ALL AGES: Thongs, Brazilian cut, “Cheek- style” bottoms
GENTLEMEN: Speedo or “Compression” Style Bathing suits.

Bathing cover ups, and footwear, are required to be worn in all areas away from the docks and pool. Shirts without sleeves are not permitted for gentlemen inside the Clubhouse.

Pool Guest Policy

  • A Member may bring a maximum of eight individual guests per calendar month to the Swimming Facilities.  Member(s) will pay a fee of $10 for every individual guest over the age of 4 to the Swimming Facilities between May and September. ($15 per guest on Holiday Weekends: Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day) Properly registered child care providers registered with a Summer Child Care Provider Pass or properly registered guests with a Guest Card shall not be considered a guest for the purpose of this rule.

  • Members may bring their grandchildren or great-grandchildren under the age of 18 to the Swimming Facilities without limitation as to number of visits.

  • Introductory participants are not permitted to bring guests to the Swimming Facilities on Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, or on weekends between the hours of 1:00 p.m. on Friday through close of the Swimming Facilities on Sunday.

  • Management may impose a fee for violations of the guest rules for the Swimming Facilities at its discretion.

Pool Rules

  • Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult while using pool and surrounding area including the kid's pool and the area containing lounge chairs, but excluding the area currently known as the Timeout Bar (the "Swimming Facilities"). Parents are responsible for their children's behavior at the Swimming Facilities and their compliance with these rules

  • Persons under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult while using the Swimming Facilities when lifeguards are not on duty and are not allowed in the Timeout Bar. 

  • Smoking, vaping, diaper changing, running, misconduct, horseplay and rowdiness are prohibited on the Swimming Facilities. All diaper changing must take place in the bathrooms. 

  • Members and guests shall not bring food or drink to the Swimming Facilities unless purchased from the Club.

  • The wading pool is reserved for children under 5. Lifeguards will not supervise the wading pool.

  • One person is permitted on the diving board at a time. Diver must swim to either ladder on the side of pool before the next diver approaches the diving board.

  • Metal objects, water guns, balls, coolers, bottles, glassware and china are prohibited on the Swimming Facilities.

  • Members and guests of the Swimming Facilities shall avoid leaning on, hanging on or otherwise affecting the pool lane ropes.

  • Only lifeguards are allowed on the lifeguard chairs. Members and guests are prohibited from unnecessarily distracting lifeguards while on duty.

  • Swimmers shall shower before entering either pool and shall wear appropriate attire on the Swimming Facilities at all times.

  • The Swimming Facilities are closed after dark and on Monday, which is designated for weekly extensive cleaning.

  • The Swimming Facilities are supervised by lifeguards, weather permitting, each day that the Swimming Facilities are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

  • The Club adheres to Red Cross rules with respect to inclement weather. All swimmers must exit the pool when there is thunder or lightning and remain outside the pool for 30 minutes after the last sign of lightning or sound of thunder.

  • Lifeguards have full authority to enforce all rules of the Swimming Facilities, with the exception of guest policies, which will be enforced by management.