A Letter from the Commodore

Dear Members,

One Hundred and fifty years. Think about that for a minute. In 1876, William B Astor JR, brought what was the largest private yacht in Florida to Jacksonville and established one of the oldest yacht clubs in the country, Our club. Florida Yacht Club has survived The Great Fire destroying our first home, wars, hurricanes, and now disease. Jacksonville families have enjoyed our club for boating, sailing, dining, tennis and family activities during that time. We can work together to improve all of these areas and ready our club and clubhouse to celebrate our grand anniversary in 2025 - 2026.

We have named the plan FYC150 because of the significance of this impending milestone. It is the path forward to provide a multi year plan for addressing club needs and aspirational improvements through 2026 and beyond. Transforming a 150-year-old club and 100-year-old clubhouse is no small undertaking. We have many areas of the club and amenities to address as well as provide new areas of need like casual dining. Peacock and Lewis has done a great job of addressing all of these issues in a comprehensive master plan for our members, staff, and boards to follow as we move forward.

Outside of our land-based master plan we have other concerns that we must face in the coming years. The docks have been an amenity we all love but they have been a concern for the last few years. Since Hurricane Irma, We have worked with Applied Technology and Management (ATM) to provide a phased plan to correct and improve our front basin during the same timeframe as our land-based plan. ATM is one of the premier marine geological planning and design firms in the country. They have provided a plan to facilitate permitting, design, bidding and building facilities that protect our front basin assets, provide attenuation of the St Johns River for all our front docks and keep day boating a viable asset and amenity for our club moving forward. Additionally, we have identified every capital asset we have and have provided a replacement schedule for those known items within our FYC150 plan.

I know your next concern is likely cost and how. We engaged Club Benchmarking to plan our Capital and financial future. We looked at all of our assets and capital needs of the past and future and project out to 2032 how to accomplish all of these goals. A reasonable Capital Dues increase exactly in line with our survey results can put us on a path for growth and success to implement this plan. I know that dues increases are usually met with questions and concern. I hope you know that your board has made every effort to maximize our plans with the most cost-effective increase for our club. This will allow for growth while still providing a great value for your monthly dues. While we are not an equity club, our assets far outweigh the debt, and every member has more value in the club every year.

Transformative plans build upon the good things that we have all come to love and enjoy and improve them. The Board and management team are excited to implement our master plans with your support to ready our club for the next 150 years. A bold and updated clubhouse, docks, amenities and facilities, the Florida Yacht Club is poised to continue building on great traditions that will make us proud of our past, present and future.