FYC150 Project


Project Vision

In the aftermath of the flooding and damage from Irma, the Board of Governors moved quickly to renovate the portion of the clubhouse that was damaged. That year, Commodore Tuohy, established the Dock Advisory Committee, and the Board began working on items needed to plan and secure our future.

Over the last few years, we have worked behind the scenes building a foundation of work to guide us to a more established vision for our membership. We surveyed the members in 2020 to establish a guide of the needs of our club as we developed our Capital needs into a Master Plan.

Through our efforts with Club Benchmarking (Financial Planning), Peacock & Lewis (Land Based Master Plan) and ATM (Sea Based Master Plan), we have finally been able to finalize a multiyear vision for our membership to approve and facilitate moving into our Sesquicentennial with new facilities. The Board of Governors believes this plan will guide us in the years to come and provide a clear vision for current and future Commodores and Boards to make decisions on how to implement improvements into the next decade.

Sesquicentennial Enhancements

Casual Dining, Pool, Membership Entry

Construction and renovation of a poolside casual dining location

  • Renovation of the pool and pool deck
  • Clubhouse improvements on the south portion of the clubhouse
  • Include new and improved ADA bathrooms on first and second floors that will accommodate both indoor club events, the pool and front basin docks
  • Renovation will also include a new entrance to the living room



Front Basin Restoration

The Front Yacht Basin A - Dock and Attenuation Master Plan

  • The primary objective is to replace the basin’s breakwater to protect existing assets and continue to allow for day boating and transient access
  • Applied Technology and Management will continue to serve as the club’s technical advisor
  • ATM will solicit and vet bids for both fixed and floating breakwaters
  • The project is expected to take 12-18 months.

Breakwater Replacement Timeline

  • Pre-Application Coordination with USACE and FLDEP (completed Fall 2021)
  • Submit Permit Applications / Submerged Land Lease Modifications (Dec 2021)
  • Final Designs & Technical Bid Documents (Q1 2022)
  • Bid Project (Spring 2022)
  • Contractor Selection (Summer 2022)
  • Project Commencement (Fall 2022)
  • Project Completion (Winter/Spring 2023)


Clubhouse & Kitchen

Clubhouse and Kitchen

  • Renovation of the 60+ year old kitchen
  • Member Entrances
  • New Stairwell
  • New Loading Dock
  • Club offices



Master Plan - Proposed Main Level

Master Plan - Proposed Upper Level

Tennis & Fitness Center Enhancements